If you’ve been using WordPress Reader to get to my blog, please take this time to bookmark My new blog site will be launching soon, and I wasn’t able to extract all my WordPress followers’ info for a reminder email.

I started blogging about three years ago, mainly because my sister kept pushing me to, but I had no real intention other than just to see where it goes. I look back at these pages and realize that I documented some of the biggest events of my life—losses, accomplishments and transitions. Well, I guess there were small, incidental posts too, like about my tortoise-running career, TV stuff, movie stuff, hockey stuff, etc.

I will continue to do the same on the new platform, but with a greater focus on my art and my journey of finding a new life in a new city.

Portland is beautiful. I didn’t know I needed to see this much textures, lines, colors and silhouettes on a daily basis. It may sound funny, but it’s a soul-nourishing experience to be here. I’m so glad that I moved during the winter. I know that there is so much more to explore, and many beautiful events will unfold with the change of seasons.

It’s exciting and special to feel like a native in a foreign city. Join me as I begin my unexpected journey into the second half of this thing called life.


I got stuck here one night for many minutes. Not a soul around, just me and my belly full of yummy food and the long freight train. I was strangely happy.

Portland freeways in downtown area are layers of overpasses that often put you above the incomprehensible Willamette River and make you say out loud as if someone is in the passenger seat, “Really? This is the FIVE Freeway?”

Please bare with me as I make some transitions both physically and online in the following weeks. I have so much to share and so much that I only want to keep to myself.

These days I feel like I’m existing in a perfect dichotomy of isolation and happiness, of the unknown future that I already know, of the discovery of a city that is actually the confirmation of your own faith. The visual of tall Oregon firs wrapped in looming fogs seems to say, “You just wait and see.”

As of now, I am happy to be here, and that’s all I care to know.

Hello. It’s been a while. I’ve been completely dazed for the past one week and perpetually find myself yawning even after 10 hours of sleep and double shots of espresso. I have a tendency to overestimate my abilities and end up paying the bitter price for it. I am kind of done expecting myself to be a company of one that wears multiple hats – the topic that I need to carefully reflect upon. No one is an island, but I often require of myself to be, and that ain’t good. Really, Joy, who do you think you are… But yay! Holiday orders are complete, and I am in another city, in another state. I pulled off an out-of-state move in the midst of the busiest time for my shop.

There will be changes made to this site. If you are a regular reader, there is nothing you have to do about it. You will, nonetheless, receive an email or two from me if you ever clicked on that “Follow” button. I promise not to annoy you with spammy emails in your inbox, but you will receive a few in the next month or two, just so that I can remind others who signed up who may not come here as often as you.

My Wacom pen died last week in the middle of filling Christmas orders. I’m not techie at all, but the years of working with the Wacom tablet left me with some insights as to how to bypass such troubles at least for a little while, so I got by. I am currently on a new Wacom tablet, but the installation process was a pain, because my Mac is very old, and I ran out of tricks to keep it relevant in the upgrade-happy computer world.

So, a big portion of my hard earnings may end up getting swallowed up by a purchase of a new computer… Or a car… Or both. My mechanic who’s always been happy to work on my car must have felt sorry for me as he was listing off the things that I need to do for my car in the months to come. He told me to get a new car – not a Swedish one this time, how about a Japanese car. Reliable and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

How about a Subaru, he said. I love Subarus, but my friends say they are “lesbarus.” I don’t care, I said and then they challenge me, but what if you get hit on by lesbian ladies constantly? Made me think for a second, but I found this video on the Subaru site, and all doubts and hesitations went out the window. As for from where the money will come, I know not yet, but my next car will most likely be something that allows me to do what you’re about to see. Enjoy (pay attention to the mighty Siberians at 0:18 and 0:58).



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